Masarap sa tenga.

Oo, kay sarap pakinggan at basahin ang iyong mga salita.

Noong nakilala kita, naakit ako sa iyong mga talinghaga.

Naisip ko, aba mukhang siya na nga yata!

Ang dami mo na palang naisulat at nasabi.

O talaga namang ako ay nawili!

Hindi dumapo sa isip ko na salita lang pala yon.

Mas masarap sana kung ito ay ginagawa.

Namuti na ang aking mga mata.

Ang tagal ko din palang umasa.

Umasa na lahat ay matutupad nating dalawa.

Ang mga ginuhit natin akala ko’y sisimulan na.

Mali ba ako na ako ay nainip na?

O tama, dahil sa tagal nati’y wala akong nakikitang simula.

Ang mga pangako tila napako.

Ang mga plano ay nanatiling plano.

Huli ko na lang napagtanto,

Nasaan na nga ba tayo?

Hanggang sa nagising ako na ang mga ginuhit natin magkasama,

Nandito pa rin sila, wala pa ring kulay puro lang linya.



*Written: March 2015. A year has passed. I wrote this for someone last year.  Title has been changed but this is still a poem I made for you. Sometimes there is nothing left to do but to let go.
I’ve been doing things to make it okay,
Just for everything to never go astray.
Can’t you hear my soft yelp?¦
I’m just asking for a little help,
You’re in pain,
And it’s making me insane.
Your nights are spent weeping.
All I want is for you to spend them sleeping.
Every night it’s a different fight.
I wonder when will we be alright.
I cross my fingers.
The regret just lingers.
I know my apologies aren’t enough,
but I never want to give us up.
I know I was gravely wrong,
But please hear me out like how you listen to your
favorite song.
Let’s never drift too far.
Let us stay where we are.
Please do not get tired.
Come with me, let’s go back to being inspired.
You can punish me,
But please never leave me.
Listen to my heart,
It won’t accept it if we are torn apart.
I love you.
Can you say I love you too?
We can only find happiness in moving on.
Hold my hand, and let us carry on.
– Raffi Lacambra

Yung Noon At Ang Ngayon

Matagal na itong tula kong ito. Tinapos ko lang.
Ang sabi mo noon, ang ikinamumuhian mong mangyari ay mapagtaasan ng boses.
Ngunit sino nga ba ang kung sigawan ako ay ilang beses.

Ang sabi mo noon, dapat ay wala na iba pang gagambala.
Nakapagtataka dahil ilang tao din ang hinayaan mong dumagsa at pag-ibig natin ay maantala.

Ang sabi mo noon, hindi mo ako matitiis.
Pero kadalasan kahit luha’y dugo na, tiyak ikaw ay mabilis na lilihis.

Ang sabi mo noon, ika’y maswerte sa babaeng tulad ko.
E bakit ngayon, lahat ng butas sakin ay tiyak na mapupuna mo?

Ang sabi mo noon, hindi ka lalayo.
Ngunit ngayon ang distansya mo’y higit pa sa isang libong kilometro.

Ang sabi mo noon, ipaglalaban natin.
Tila nagiba ang ihip ng hangin.

Ang dami mo palang sinabi noon.

Ano na kaya ang nangyari sa ngayon?

Tayong dalawa’y maihahalintulad mo sa kandila.
Sa una’y malago pa ang apoy, kapag tagal unti-unti nading mawawala.
Tapos na nga siguro ang ating kabanata,
Ako’y wala na ding magawa, kailangan na nating lumaya.

The Dream

Written on: October 19 2013

I woke up from an unpleasant dream. It was not a good morning to me. The air felt different in my room, it was frigid. It was
pouring outside but the cold feeling was not because of the weather, it was something I felt inside.
The moment I opened my eyes, they were wet with tears. I could hardly breathe. I woke up with a heavy feeling on my chest. The dream had a great impact on me but I did not even remember all that’s happened in it. The scenes were incomplete in my memory.
The scenes I can still see in my head includes the boy I adore. His image was perfect on my dream. The boy’s face was plump, his round glasses sitting on his chubby cheeks. He was wearing his mischievous smile with his braces glistening because of the light that touches it. The boy was wearing the usual. He had a gray shirt, dark blue jeans and bright red sneakers. The moments we had in my dream were random. It was like a long day wherein, we spent the whole day giggling and talking. It seemed fine from the beginning until in one snap, the aura changed. The end of the dream felt so cliché’. The skies turned gray, it began raining. I was still with the boy but it was time to part ways. He said something that I could not remember. After that, I started to cry. I was trying to hold on to him while mumbling something. He was teary eyed while he said that he needs to go. He said he could not do it anymore and all of the other words faded. He removed my hand from his arms and walked away. He walked away and never looked back. He started to fade until I can no longer see him.

I woke up and there I was on my bed, eyes filled with tears. My heart was beating fast and I was losing my breath.
never looked back. He started to fade until I can no longer see him.
I woke up and there I was on my bed, eyes filled with tears. My heart was beating fast and I was losing my breath.

– RLacambra

Never Falter

Written on: 19th of October 2013

Critics, critics, critics everywhere!
Let us give them a round of applause, for causing you despair.
They feed on your flaws until you are weak.
Days pass, they’ll wait until you break.

Hypocrites that blab like they know,
talking about how you reap what you sow.
You are now the, talk of the town.
Their vicious tongues, still wanting to bring you down.

They are the antagonists of your life.
Waiting around the corner to stab you with a knife.
They enjoy acts of treachery.
The acts that have put you in great misery.

There are many antagonists in every man’s story.
They were meant to exist in our society.
People that see pain as beauty.
Their happiness based on your melancholy.

Sadists that obtain joy when they see you strained.
They feast on your frustrations until you are drained.
Yes, their actions have made you weak.
But are you going to let them reach your peak?

Strength is a necessity.
It is an answer to a man’s longevity.
Once you show that you are vulnerable,
they will break you until you crumble.

Never falter.
If it does not kill you, it should make you stronger.
If you show them your frailty,
then what would be left of your insanity.

Be stronger.
Never falter.
Do not surrender.

– RL Lacambra


Written: October 2013

You enter a maze and the minute you’ve entered, you know you are lost.
Lost in outer space, you walk and turn, knowing that not moving is worst.
You are walking on a lot of different roads endlessly.
On the way you are thinking if it leads to something that will make you happy.
You stop abruptly, recalling that you have been on this road before.
You are tired of walking; you’ve decided it would be easier if you could soar.
Soar fast like an eagle, swiftly passing by and the less possibility to fall into a trap.
But what if your wings get tired and it can no longer flap.
You wake up and realize that life is a never ending journey.
There will be no end to your story.
There is no guarantee you’ll go astray.
But remember there is no easy way.
Every road you’ll take will lead you somewhere,
And constant fear won’t get you anywhere.

So walk or soar, go where your wings or feet would take you.

The One Man

I wake up everyday thinking, how my life would be with you still here.
I remember the days when I silently cried all by myself.
I did not want anybody to hear or see that I cried a river for you.
Some assumed that I just did not care, numb or just plain insane.
They do not know how long I have cried myself to sleep since
you’ve been gone, because all the times I have cried I was alone.
It’s been seven years yet everyday it still stings.
The feeling won’t be gone,
Losing you made me forever forlorn.
Your death caused me chills every night.
It was goodbye to the days when I slept tight.
Farewell to the man who taught me how to fight.


The First.

“Lock up your libraries if you like; but there is no gate, no lock, no bolt that you can set upon the freedom of my mind.”
Virginia Woolf, A Room of One’s Own

I want to set my mind free from its cage. I have this longing to write more pieces however I find myself hanging and not being able to let my imagination go wild. My imagination is going crazy but it is not enough to create anything worth reading.

I haven’t had anything new to present in weeks or should I say in months.

I have another blog, my thoughts and works were already posted there but I have decided to make my writing a bit formal. I’ve decided to join WordPress and share my random creativity here instead of my blog.

Anyway, some of the articles you’ll be seeing here are my old ones.

Feel free to apply your creative criticism because I am here not just to share but to learn.


Raff ♥